Digital Strategy & Social Media Management

DSA uses social media as a tool to engage donors in fundraising campaigns and drive traffic to your website.

Our clients have seen an increase in web traffic paired with up to 30% increases in online donations since our digital strategy implementation. DSA’s SEO has also moved our clients to the first page of Google’s keyword search results.

Our digital strategy focuses on optimizing digital presence before using social media as a tool to drive traffic to an organization’s web page. We measure set and track analytical goals for social media and web traffic, upgrade social media profiles to communicate clear, consistent messaging that integrates with the website, and establish an engaging, consistent voice through social that presents the organization as a leader in their focus area while simultaneously promoting the organization’s mission.


Web Design and Upkeep

Your website is the single most important piece of your online presence. DSA builds custom-designed websites for our clients that incorporate nonprofit best practices. We work with clients to determine all design components: layout, navigation bar items, donation page setup. We then implement the design into a WordPress site, complete with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Depending on client needs, we also perform regular web updates in addition to the initial website design.


Social Media Management

We manage and optimize social media and web strategy for clients working in different focus areas. We will grow your following, and solidify your brand by recommending and implementing best practices; for example, establishing consistent profile imagery and messaging across platforms. Using market research, we can develop more ideas for content and ensure that we are targeting the correct audience: those who will actively engage with your content because they are interested in your area of expertise. We assess what your competitors are doing and research best practices in your specific subject area before determining what content is best to deliver to your audience.


Photography and Videography

Whether you need photos for a website or video appeals for an end of the year campaign, our experts can plan and execute photography and videography sessions and deliver polished, finished products.


Web Optimization

This piece includes web design strategy and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as additional Google-focused updates, all of which will boost you in the algorithm so that your website comes up higher in a search.  

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