Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Done Right

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful way to raise money for your nonprofit organization. It adds names to your donor base while allowing individual fundraisers to share your important mission with and connect you to their communities. In the current era of virtual events, peer-to-peer fundraising has taken on a new level of importance.

Here are some best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising to keep in mind when choosing a platform and launching your campaigns.

  • Make it easy for your participants to share their stories
    Since money will be raised from friends and family, allowing participants to share their stories, their pictures, and the reason they’re supporting your organization is critical. Choose a platform that runners can easily customize and “own”.
  • Customize your fundraising platform
    Just like your donate page and your social media accounts, your peer-to-peer fundraising platform needs to be clearly recognizable as belonging to your organization. Sharing your organization’s mission and making it easy and compelling to donate are key.
  • Encourage company matches
    Encourage your runners to ask whether their company matches donations and to share that technique with their supporters. Don’t leave that money on the table!
  • Leverage Social Media
    Make sure your nonprofit is set up to take in money on Facebook and Instagram. It’s an easy way to raise money that takes little staff time or marketing.
  • Have donors pay processing fees
    With any good donation page, your peer to peer page should have the ability to allow donors to pay the processing fees associated with online donations.

We’ve built a peer-to-peer fundraising software that incorporates all of these elements. The Fundraisin is built by fundraisers, for fundraisers, because we know the tools required to raise the most money possible to support your nonprofit.

The Fundraisin is intuitive for donors and fundraisers. It’s easy to customize the platform’s pages to describe your event, brand pages to match your organization’s marketing style, and add high-resolution photo or video. The “share” buttons on each donor’s individual page make it easy for your donors to share across social media platforms. Your organization can save thousands on processing fees with our specialized donate pages, which allow donors to pay processing fees without an additional charge to your organization.

If you are looking for a peer-to-peer platform that can help your org raise more money, visit

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