The new demand: Social media, marketing & web design

Sometimes we joke around the office that we are turning into a PR firm. Social media, nonprofit marketing materials, and web design have been high on the list of desired services for our clients as of late. And in taking a moment to think about the current trends (growth of social media, google’s new algorithm for indexing, the movement to a generation of people comfortable with online giving, the necessity of high resolution photos) it makes a lot of sense.

Social Media

The most recent Shareaholic report confirms that 31.24% of traffic to websites in 2014 was driven by the top eight social media platforms. Facebook alone made up 25% of this number. It’s no wonder that social media is stealing the limelight.

Social media was an especially useful tool during the prime giving period, December. Charity Navigator notes that 58% of people will share posts or information about charities on social media sites because they feel like it has a positive impact. With a strategic approach, social media can be used to share your message and ultimately drive website traffic and donations during the season of giving.

We at DSA directly witnessed the impact Facebook advertising had on December giving for our clients. After boosting posts, appeals, and creating a donations-driven ad set one client received over 30% of annual appeal donations from new donors.

Marketing Materials

One thing that nonprofits are starting to catch on to is “Realiz[ing] that fundraising starts with marketing,” as Bill McKendry of Do More Good advises. Nonprofit marketing is the means by which an organization establishes itself in the eyes of donors (“customers”) and with a multitude of nonprofits vying for donations, it is what gives an organization a leg up.

Printing is affordable if you shop around, and using a designer can be well worth the cost. Just because materials look expensive doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Having thoughtfully produced, quality materials presents a positive image of your organization to donors and conveys your mission much more effectively than the standard nonprofit materials of the past.

Web Design

One of the most important features of a nonprofit website (and one that is often seriously devalued) is the donation page. The average gift size on branded giving pages are 20-30% larger than those given on generic giving pages (your site with your logo vs. paypal). Having an established, reputable brand attached to the donate page helps donors feel secure about where their contributions are going. Websites with branded giving pages also brought in SEVEN TIMES more dollars than generic pages.

The importance of a mobile-friendly website can’t be emphasized enough. To find out why being mobile friendly is so important, see our previous post.

If all of this sound great, but you’re unsure of how to take your organization to the next level,  email us at to find out how we can help!

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